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Got Stress? Try Yoga.

Posted on October 14, 2014 at 12:15 AM

Americans know the importance of stress management in creating optimal health and well-being.  Stress management is about building strong bodies, developing coping mechanisms and shifting attitudes.  The anient practice of yoga provides stress management tools to empower individuals in becoming active participants' in one's health and well-being.  The physical moements of postures build stronger bodies and aid in dissipating the harmful effects of stress chemicals that may contribute to hypertension and diabetes.  Yoga offers breathing techniques that calm the nervous system, affecting blood pressure and alleviating conditions such as insomnia.  The skill of meditation promotes the development of awareness making us less reactive and more responsive toward the events and people in our lives.  You need not look any further than your local yoga studio, its staff of qualified teachers, and yoga therapsts to access an ancient practice that will provide support and guidance, while you learn to navigate the often turbulent waters of our complicated modern lives.  

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